3 April Film Show: On Sale Now
PHCL Film Show presents
A London property-boom comedy

High Hopes

Starring Phil Davis, Ruth Sheen & Lesley Manville
Written and directed by Mike Leigh
UK   1988   108 minutes
Mike Leigh writes and directs this comedy drama about the intertwined lives of an extended working class family in London during the Thatcher years. The story follows left-wing bike messenger Cyril Bender (Phil Davis), whose conservative mother (Edna Dore) lives in the last council house on her street.
When Mrs Bender gets locked out she is criticised by her appalling yuppie neighbour for selfishly occupying a whole house in an increasingly fashionable area.
Meanwhile Cyril's girlfriend Shirley wants to start a family, but gets no encouragement from Cyril, who feels that the world should be spared more babies until everyone already here has a job, a place to live and enough to eat.
And, deep in suburbia, Cyril’s aspirational sister Valerie fails to arouse her car salesman husband Martin with a suggestion that he be Michael Douglas and she a virgin.  When Valerie decides to throw a surprise 70th birthday party for her mother, the family tensions come to a predictably disastrous head.
Doors open 7.15pm, Introduction 7.45pm, Film 8.00pm        £8.00 including glass of wine.   Tickets, up to two per person, on sale at the Library, Sharpleshall Street, NW1 8YN (on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays) or on the door.

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