For the Love of Spice

For the Love of Spice


1 February 2024    
7:00 PM


Primrose Hill Community Library
11-16 Sharples Hall St, London, NW1 8YN

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Learn the difference between cinnamon and cassia, black and green cardamom, why you should only use Indian bay in Garam masala, what the five spices are in Chinese Five Spice and why they are used and learn about the twenty five spices that go into the “top of the shelf” Ras el Hanout.

Aruna Khanzada is a passionate foodie who, having expanded her own knowledge of spices, is eager to share it and spread the magic of spice mixes that will transform your food and take you on journeys around the world. You will never go back to store bought mixes!

Tickets: £5

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