Ben Aitken in conversation with Muriel Murch

On Friday October 21st,“Turning Pages” on KWMR radio aired a conversation with writer Ben Aitken in conversation with writer Muriel Murch and readings from his book The Marmalade Diaries. Both Ben and Muriel are volunteers at Primrose Hill Community Library.

After her husband of 60 years died 85 year old Winnie Carter needed a lodger to live with her at home. 

Ben became that lodger. And then came Covid and the lockdown.

The conversation explores how those Covid lockdown months impacted all of us, especially the old, those alone, and families. And what Ben learnt along the way.

How did Covid change us and how did our lives change doing those long months?

You can hear the interview here: Muriel Murch | The Marmalade Diaries by Ben Aitken